Beginning Machine Quilting 2 - Free Motion

This class is for those who would like to learn the basics of free-motion quilting or for those who would like a refresher course.

We will learn several different free-motion designs and techniques in this class.  We will also practice drawing our quilt designs to develop muscle memory.  Much instruction and several tips will be given to you so that when class is over, you will have all that you need to build upon your new found free-motion quilting skills.

You must take Beginning Machine Quilting 1 - Walking Foot prior to taking this class.

Beginning Machine Quilting 2 - Free Motion Supply List:

  • Sewing Machine and accessories:
Bring your sewing machine (please make sure it is in good working order prior to class).  Make sure that you are able to lower the feed dogs so that you are able to do free motion quilting. Bring the accessories that came with the machine in case we need them.  make sure to have a couple of empty bobbins (one can be wound with the thread you will be using in class) and a small thread scissors.

  • Darning Foot - also known as a Free Motion Foot (Must have this prior to class):
We will be spending the majority of our time learning different aspects of free motion quilting. (If you have a Bernina BSR - feel free to bring this as well).

  • Sewing Machine Needles
1 package of TOP STITCH sewing machine needles, size 80/12 is preferred.  You may also use: Sharps, Microtex, or Quilting needles.

  • Thread:
1 spool of dark colored (a color you can clearly see on white fabric) 100% cotton thread preferred. (Make sure you have this same thread wound on your bobbin prior to class). 50 weight cotton thread is preferred.

  • WHITE (or cream) colored 100% cotton fabric:
Purchase approximately 2 yards of fabric.  You will need to cut this into 24 squares - each measuring 10-12 inches.  PLEASE HAVE THESE CUT PRIOR TO CLASS AND HAVE THEM PRESSED AND READY TO GO Feel free to bring extra fabric squares so you can practice more quilting.

  • Batting:
You can buy batting by the yard at Quilter's Haven - approximately 2 yards. Please buy 100% cotton or 80/20 cotton batting (low loft). You will need to cut this into 12 squares - each measuring approximately 10-12 inches.  PLEASE HAVE THIS CUT PRIOR TO CLASS. You will have extra batting left over so I suggest you bring it to class in case you want to make extra samples. (You will need one square of batting for every 2 fabric squares).

  • Misc:
    • Blue water soluble marking pen (Clover preferred)
    • Package of curved safety pins (quilting safety pins)
    • 10 or more sheets of paper to practice drawing designs on
    • Pen to use for drawing on paper
    • Rotary ruler (no smaller than 12 inches) to use for drawing designs
    • Notebook to take notes in during lecture portions of class

  • Optional Purchases: We will discuss these in class - you do not need to purchase them ahead of time - but if you have them already - feel free to bring them to class
    • Supreme Slider
    • 505 Spray
    • Machingers quilting gloves
    • Golden Threads Paper

Minimum of 4 students or class is subject to cancellation.

Cost: $ 30.00
Please bring all items on Supply List
Skill Level:beginner
Requirements:Must have completed Beginning Machine Quilting 1 - Walking Foot class. This is a prerequisite to taking this class.
Instructor Name:Maria Nelson