Beginning Machine Quilting 3 - Ruler Work

This class is for those who would like to learn the basics of quilting with the RULER foot and special quilting rulers. 

This class is for those who would like to learn the basics of quilting with the RULER foot and special quilting rulers.  This technique used to be only for long-arm quilters, but those days are gone.  Now quilters can use this method on their domestic sewing machines!  Ruler quilting brings many fun time saving options along with all sorts of creative ways to quilt your quilts.  We will learn the some tips & tricks on how to use these rulers, along with some basic designs that you can build on, and also have some time to play. 


ONLY quilters who have previously completed Beginning Machine Quilting 1 - Walking Foot & Beginning Machine Quilting 2 - Free Motion may sign up for this class.


Class Supply List:


  • Sewing Machine and accessories:

Bring your sewing machine (please make sure it is in good working order prior to class).  Make sure that you are able to lower the feed dogs so that you are able to do free motion quilting.  Bring the accessories that came with the machine and manual in case we need them.  Make sure to have a couple of empty bobbins (one can be wound with the thread you will be using in class) and a small thread scissors,


  • RULER Foot 

Must have this prior to class

(For Bernina owners – this is Foot #72)

This is the only foot we will be using in class.  (You cannot use a free motion foot for this technique – you MUST have a RULER FOOT for your machine in order to do this technique.) 


  • Quilting Rulers:

These are special rulers that are made for machine quilting with the RULER FOOT.

2 rulers required for this class – one straight ruler and one curved ruler.

You may bring additional rulers to play with – but all rulers must be made for using with your RULER FOOT.

Quilter’s Haven sells both the BERNINA RULER SET and many Amanda Murphy rulers specialty rulers.


  • Sewing Machine Needles: 

1 package of sewing machine needles, size 80/12 is preferred.  You may also use: Topstitch, Sharps, Microtex, or Quilting needles. (Have a NEW needle in your sewing machine ready to go for class).


  • Thread:

1 spool of dark colored (a color you can clearly see on white fabric) 100% cotton thread preferred.  (Make sure you have this same thread wound on your bobbin prior to class).  50 weight cotton thread is preferred.


  • WHITE (or cream) colored 100% cotton fabric:

Purchase approximately 2 yards of fabric.  You will need to cut this into 24 squares – each measuring approximately 12 - 15 inches square.  PLEASE HAVE THESE CUT PRIOR TO CLASS AND HAVE THEM PRESSED AND READY TO GO.  Feel free to bring extra fabric squares so you can practice more quilting. 


  • Batting:

You can buy batting by the yard at Quilter’s Haven – approximately 2 yards.  Please buy 100% cotton or 80/20 cotton batting (low loft).   You will need to cut this into 12 squares – each measuring approximately 12-15 inches square.  PLEASE HAVE THIS CUT PRIOR TO CLASS. 


  • Misc:
    • Blue water-soluble marking pen (Clover preferred)
    • Package of curved safety pins (quilting safety pins)
    • 10 or more sheets of paper to practice drawing designs on
    • Pen to use for drawing on paper


  • Optional Purchases:
    • Quilting Gloves
    • Supreme Slider
Cost: $ 30.00
Skill Details:Advanced Beginners & Beyond
Requirements:Must have completed Beginning Machine Quilting 1 - Walking Foot & Beginning Machine Quilting 2 - Free Motion classes. These are prerequisites to taking this class.
Instructor Name:Maria Nelson