Coming Back to Sewing for Yourself

Coming Back to Sewing for Yourself

Garment sewing for the first time or getting back into it?

We’ll outline the things that will make the adventure a bit less hazardous and more satisfying. Garment sewing isn’t for the faint of heart but seen as a pursuit rather than a pass/fail event and armed with what we’ve learned over the years, you will fall in love with the craft and art of sewing.

Choosing your size/fit challenges, indie patterns, Pdf printing, knits and new fabrics and machines are some of the topics we’ll cover.

Saturday, October 8, 12:30-3 pm

Cost: $45

Lecture class-no supplies needed

Instructors: Debbie & Kirstin from Material Girls

Cost: $ 45.00
Requirements:Lecture class - no supplies needed