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Join us in person at Quilter's Haven to enjoy the BERNINA Community Studio classes! Classes are planned for Mondays - mornings & afternoons.

Cindy will continue to send out a monthly email with the class descriptions. If you can't join us for the class, you can come to the shop to purchase any of the classes (including prior months) and drop off your 3.0 or 3.1 USB drive (32gig) . USB drives dropped off by noon on Thursday will be loaded with purchased classes by 4:00pm on Friday.
Cost is $10 for each individual class.

Call the shop if you have questions


BERNINA Community Studio - Sewing Lesson provides insight on special techniques for sewing. You do not have to be a BERNINA owner to participate. Our computerized machines have so many capabilities and this lesson will demonstrate a project each month that features a special accessory or technique that you can use. 


October 2022   Decorative Stitch Binding

This is a perfect finish for a totally machine-stitched binding. Learn how to place the Decorative Stitch perfectly to enhance the bound edge, creating a special finish. This is a great finish for little projects like mug rugs.


August 2022   Gingham Oversized Potholder

This fun and useful project is perfect for gift giving. Learn how to lay out your design so that it looks like custom made gingham. Use your Walking Foot #50 for a little quick quilting and you have a great stash busting gift.


June 2022   Quilted Zipper Bag with Vinyl Window

Quilting and clear vinyl make a great combination in this small bag. Quilt the fabric add the clear vinyl and a zipper and you have your new favorite bag!


April 2022   Baby Change and Play Mat

The perfect gift necessity for any new parents in your life—an on-the-go mat for quick changes or laying baby down to play! With a little bit of serger patchwork, this project sews up quickly on your BERNINA Overlocker. We love an easy handmade gift that’s ready for lots of love, wash, and wear. This project does not need a serger to make. It is easily sewn on a regular sewing machine.


March 2022   Laminated Big Bag

This Big Bag is perfect for a day at the beach, shopping, or taking items to a retreat. Made from either laminat­ed cotton or oilcloth, this bag will be your go-to. Learn how to work with unique fabrics and webbing straps to make the Big Bag. 


February 2022   Sassy Kitchen Towel

Jazz up a plain kitchen towel with this fun project. Add a cooking quote with machine embroidery. Embellish with fun fabric, rick rack trim and a ruffle. Any cook would love to have this fun addition to their kitchen. Here is a towel made with a Valentine theme. 




BERNINA Community Studio - Embroidery Lesson features fun projects for your embroidery machine. What would your creative world be without embroidery designs? Most likely, a little less unique. With this class, learn how to expand your creativity and embroider like a pro. You will learn about different embroidery designs as well as supplies that make your embroidery successful.

October 2022   In-the Hoop Coaster


This is a cute project I designed for you. Very fast to complete so it would make great presents for birthdays or holidays. I will also show how I designed it in the software.



August 2022   Embroidered Hot Pad

Hot pads are a favorite item to use and create! Easy to sew, they can be any size you need them to be and you can decorate them any way you like! You will love adding embroidery to this useful item.



June 2022   Quilting Edge to Edge in the Hoop

Yes, you can quilt in the embroidery hoop! Use Endless Embroidery and Pinpoint Placement to perfectly stitch an edge to edge continuous quilting design.


April 2022   Hooping Techniques

One of the most important steps to beautiful machine embroidery is proper hooping. So what are some hooping techniques and how do I know which will be best for the project at hand? Let’s take a look at the most common methods and some key tips for hooping success. This is a very informative lesson for both new and seasoned embroiderers.


March 2022   Endless Embroidery

Learn to use Endless Embroidery to help you line up embroidery designs for the most precise placement for multiple designs such as a borders. Endless Embroidery creates registration marks that are stitched that help take the fear out of re-hooping. Using Endless Embroidery is perfect for embellishing bed linens, table linens and more.


February 2022   Embroidered Tea Towel Border

Go from simple towel to designer item in just a few steps with an embroidered border design. Learn how to com­bine a design into a border motif, size it and place it on the towel using Pinpoint Placement or Absolute Check, both BERNINA features designed to simplify your embroidery projects. We’ll review stabilizer choices and offer tips for easy embroidery on tea towels. Get ready to make some gifts. Easy to make gifts, that is!



Dive into BERNINA Embroidery Software 8. The lessons will cover BERNINA Embroidery Software 8 features and basics. See why the software is a perfect companion to your embroidery machine.

October 2022   Cutwork a la Version 9 

Learn about CutWork in Version 9 Software. The three exercises can be created in Version 8 as well, just with a few different steps. We will review how CutWork has changed since Version 8 and three different ways to apply CutWork to designs.


September 2022   Creativity with Pattern Stitches 

Learn about Creativity with Pattern Stitches. We will review some basic facts about Pattern Runs & Fills, including some information that hasn’t been included in previous clubs and then learn what has changed in BERNINA Embroidery Software 9.


August 2022   What's New in Corel Draw SE 
Learn about what has changed on the Artwork Canvas side of the software. The version of Corel inside BERNINA Embroidery Software has changed from the 2016 version of CorelDRAW SE to a 2021 version.  Learn about the tools new to us…Fit Object to Path, Add Perspective, PhotoCocktail, and Pointillizer.


July 2022   Auto Digitizing in Version 9

Learn about Auto Digitizing in Version 9 Software. Learn about the different automatic tools and learn about editing the processed stitches after using the automatic tools to improve the stitch-out.


June 2022   Weld Tool

Learn how you can benefit from the new feature of Weld in BERNINA Software 9. This tool has been available to us in previous versions through Artwork Canvas and now we can use the tool in Embroidery Canvas, giving us more creative opportunities.


June 2022   Applique Amplified

Learn how you can benefit from the updates and improvements to applique in BERNINA Software 9. From basic techniques and simple projects to Advanced Applique, we will show you how to amplify your applique projects.


March 2022   Branching and Apply Closest Join

Join Debbi Lashbrook, BERNINA Software Specialist to learn how you can benefit from the new features of Branching and Apply Closest Join. Both of these features save time when you are digitizing and editing designs. Without these features, of course you can still digitize designs using previous versions of software; however, these features will let you skip some time-consuming steps. Learn about what these new tools do; how to apply them; when they can and can’t be used; and some of the different scenarios for using these tools.


February 2022   Keyboard Design Collections 

Join Debbi Lashbrook, BERNINA Software Specialist to learn about one of the favorite new features of Version 9, Keyboard Design Collections. Begin by learning how to quickly map a purchased embroidered alphabet design collection using this feature. Then, take it two steps further by learning how to edit True Type Font conversions for creating improved lettering and by learning how to create your own handwritten font to store as a Keyboard Design Collection. 



Quilter's Haven is located in Rosemount, Minnesota, about 1/2 mile north of County Road 42 (150th St.) on Highway 3 (South Robert Trail). County Road 42 (150th St.) traveling West is accessible from 52 and 55, and Hwy 35W or 77 (Cedar Ave) to the East.


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